Penalty Box

From: $45.00

  • Choose between the Large or XL Penalty Box Rentals
  • Nominate a referee that your guests will approach and give money to
  • Guests typically pay $1 a minute for the ref to send someone to the Penalty Box
  • It is a riot to see your friends/family stand in the box for no apparent reason
  • But be careful – they will take revenge and put you in there next!


If you are ready to book this, scroll down to “Book Penalty Box Package” and start selecting optional add-ons.  If you would like more info first before deciding to book, click on one of the helpful links below and scroll back up when you are ready to proceed:


The Penalty Box rental is a hoot!  Ensure that whoever is running this game for you, need to love being the centre of attention and need to love to make a scene.  Giving the nominated “Referee” a whistle certainly helps too, and it gets people into the theme quickly.  This game goes along well with other sports related games, such as a Hockey Shootout or a Golf game.  The Penalty box has the potential for bringing in quite a bit of money for a Fundraiser, especially if you have the right person running it for you and if it is in a strategic location.  Even better is to have two Referees and they can work together to help make this game go smoother.  The best part of the game, is just watching people’s faces while they stand there in a box, just waiting for their moment to be released and take revenge on whoever put them in there!  It is a crowd pleaser for sure, and extremely easy for set up.  Everything comes apart and in total it might take you 2-3 minutes to set up – that is it!  We love the swinging door it has to let people in and out.


Large Penalty Box:

  • 1x Piece 1
  • 1x Piece 2

XL Penalty Box:

  • 2x Piece 1
  • 2x Piece 2

Piece 1 Dimensions:

  • Weight = lbs
  • Height = 8″
  • Length = 48″
  • Width = 28″

Piece 2 Dimensions:

  • Weight = lbs
  • Height = 8″
  • Length = 48″
  • Width = 28″

How to Play This Game

We have some recommendations that will help you understand how this game is played.  We recommend that you nominate 1-2 people who are SUPER outgoing and love to be the centre of attention.  They must be good with money, counting, getting people pumped up (not the annoying kind) and good at telling time.  I know that sounds ridiculous, but you will see that it is true!

People will approach the Referee (have your DJ help) and they will give the Ref some money and point to the person who they want to put in the box.  The Ref will go to this person, blow their whistle if they have them, and take them to the Penalty Box for the amount of time that the person paid for.

This poor soul has to stand in the box, for no reason at all, for the allotted time. It is a riot to watch and lots of pictures will be taken for this person.  The Ref will determine when his/her time is up, and let them out of the box.  As soon as they get out of the box, they typically will walk over to the Ref and give them money in order to put that person in the box now, so it is their turn!  This back and forth fun will go on and on!

Another thought – you will want to write down on the sign that the guest(s) of honour is exempt from this game.  Otherwise, they will be put in there all night.  Usually at a Fundraiser there is a lot to do, and all hands on deck!  So taking away the guest of honour(s) might actually make things harder.  But that is your call.

How to PROFIT with This Game

We have some excellent tips on how to profit with this game, if you are using it at a Fundraiser.  We recommend that you charge $1 per minute, so if they want to put someone in the box for 10 minutes, they would pay $10.

We also recommend that you have a way for people to bail themselves out, or other people can bail them out.  If they want to do that, they need to pay double for what was paid to get them in the box.  So for the above example, $20 would have to be paid to bail them out. Now I am sure you can see how there is money to be made with this game!

What Kind of Vehicle do I need?

We have highlighted what NOT to bring in Red as we doubt it will fit, and we highlighted our recommended vehicle(s) in Green.   Of course this is only a guideline but we are just giving you our honest opinion based on what we have seen over the years.  We do this day in and day out, so have a really good idea at what will work:

  • Compact Car
  • Large Car
  • Small SUV
  • Large SUV
  • Pick up Truck
  • Minivan

How to Prepare for Pick up

We have highlighted in Green what you may want to bring with you so that you are well prepared.  If bringing a truck and you have the XL Penalty Box, keep in mind that you might need to have the back bed totally empty as this takes up a lot of room.  If bringing a van, keep in mind that you might need to have all seats folded down, stowed in the floor, or removed altogether.

  • Bungee Cords
  • Tie-downs
  • 2 Blankets (large)
  • 4 Blankets (xl)

How Heavy is this to Transport

A common question is to ask how heavy a product is, so that people know how many others they may need to bring to help lift this into their vehicle. With this product, we recommend 2 people come to help lift the parts into a vehicle, since we do not assist due to liability reasons, and they are above average for weight.


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