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There are several types of events that a Company will get game rentals for, so click on the Type of Event you are holding to get more info on how you can make this event successful!

Employee Related Event might include:

Customer Related Event might include:

Employee Related Events

Team Building Event

Team Building / Training Games

Perhaps you are holding a Training Event, Team Building Seminar, Ice Breaker Session, a Conference, or some other Team Engagement event – why not use games to keep them interested and enthusiastic about learning or participating?

Any game that requires coworkers to become competitive against other teams or requires them to work together to achieve a common goal, this will promote them to team build.  These games are also fantastic for ice breakers if it is a team of people who are not too familiar with each other.

blackjack table

Christmas Office Party: Casino Night

A HUGE growing trend is to hold end of year Casino Night Parties for your employees at a Christmas Party. Our lines are flooded with these calls each year! No money involved, just provide them with poker chips to play with, and off they go! You can see who has the most chips left at the end of the night for a prize giveaway if you would like.

All you have to do is choose between Regular or Deluxe Casino Tables, and then decide if you want it delivered. Let us do the rest of the hard work for you!

cash box

Company Fundraiser

We applaud you for putting your valuable resources together to throw a Fundraiser. It is not easy to do, as your employees are busy enough with their day job. Since the whole point of a Fundraiser is to make money, we have put together a package of games that we think could help you turn a big profit, plus provide entertainment.

Just click on the icon below and add the games that interest you the most to the cart!

Customer Related Events

Grand Opening

Games to Attract Customers

Opening up a new business or being the new owner is stressful enough, but planning the big reveal day is another matter.  Having a quick game for people to play is an awesome idea to get attention and to get people to actually enter your store rather than just look from afar.  Attach the game to winning prizes and you are golden!  

We have put together a package of games that we think would work well as a Grand Opening prize giveaway, or for a Customer Appreciation Event, so take a peak!  Click on the icon and simply check off the ones you want!

tradeshow booth

Tradeshow / Job Fair Games

Thinking of ways to attract people to your booth at a Tradeshow or Job Fair is vital, because without them coming to you, you cannot sell them anything!

That is why we came up with a Package of different games, geared towards these kinds of events. Simply click on this icon and take your pick!

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