Fundraiser Ideas

Fundraiser Ideas

This page will show you which games we recommend for your Fundraiser, along with any other Fundraiser Ideas we might have for you. Here are some links for you to quickly click on, or feel free to scroll down to browse the whole page!

What is a Fundraiser

Types of Fundraisers

There are many types of Fundraisers, which is basically a party held where there is an admission cost to attend, and you raise money through people playing games and making donations or having an auction.  Here are some common kinds of Fundraisers:

horse race props

Fundraiser Games

We know how hard it is to choose the right games, so what we did, was put all of our recommended Fundraiser Games in a package just for you!  Simply click on this icon below, and check off the games you want, and off you go!

blackjack table

Casino Themed Fundraiser

Most people holding a Fundraiser, tend to go the Casino themed route as it can be very lucrative and popular for attendance.  

All you have to do is decide if you want our Deluxe or Regular Tables, and if you want Delivery or not, and we have a Package just for you! Click on the appropriate icon below to get started

You can start making your selections by checking off the suggestions we made, and it will tally up your total in the shopping cart so that you can get an idea as to which Package suits you better.


Guide to Planning a Fundraiser

Aren’t you in luck! Have no idea where to start, have a bigilloin questions? Don’t fret my pet! We have a Guide that will take you from start to finish, and answer all the tiny little questions you have along the way.