How do I Pay my Balance Owing?

How do I Pay my Balance Owing

You paid for your rental 100% when you booked, however it is quite common to add on some items before your big day.  You can pay for the balance in 3 ways:

  1. You can bring the exact change with you when we meet
  2. You can send us an E-Transfer to and please make the password “carrie” if it asks for one
  3. You can pay by credit by filling out the following form. Note that there is a service charge for using Credit of 3.5%.

Who’s Credit Card is used for the Security Deposit for Pick up?

Who's Credit Card is used for the Security Deposit for Pick up

We advise you to read our whole page called Security Deposit, so please CLICK HERE to read our full policy so that you understand correctly.  But in a nutshell, the person arriving for pick up must use THEIR PERSONAL Credit Card. So the Credit Card Holder needs to be present upon arrival, and the pick up person cannot use someone else’s card, even if they have a note signed by the card holder, even if they email me saying its ok, even if they are the spouse. No exceptions.

But do not fret! If that is not possible, then we encourage you to have the Credit Card Holder to fill out this form, which gives us permission to use their card, even if they are not here in person.

How Many People are Needed to Pick this Up, and How Heavy is This?

How Many People are Needed to Pick this Up, and How Heavy is This

We do not assist in helping to load it or unload it into your vehicle for liability reasons.  We always advise you to bring a second person to help just in case, as we are not liable for any injury or damage to your car, so having another person there to help you will minimize any issues.

With that said, on each product page, you will see a list of tabs FULL of info! One of the tabs might say “How to Transport” as well as “How Heavy is This”. Check out those tabs. You can do this by clicking on the search button and typing your game name in the search bar. Alternatively, after booking you are sent a list of items that you booked. There will be all the links right there in your email too! So check that out, and it should help guide you so that you know if you will need help loading and unloading this into your vehicle.

Pick up Times (my Event is on a Fri, Sat, or Sun)

You can pick up your games on either the Thursday or Friday the week of your Event, and this does NOT change the rental fee whatsoever.

  • We are typically open on Thursday or Friday from 1030am till 4pm or 5pm.
  • You can book your time up to 2 weeks in advance of your event date
  • If you do not find a time that works for you, please ask us if we have any extended availability and we will see how we can help – just depends on our delivery schedule

What if a Game Doesn’t Work?

What if a Game Doesn't Work

Ok, so this picture of a broken chair is not part of our inventory, but we thought that the pic went well with this page 😉

If a Game doesn’t work, we will make it right. We go to great lengths to make sure that all of our equipment is in working order before it gets to you. We inspect and clean every item after a customer has finished with it.

After you have received your items, have a good inspection of all parts.  It is best to point this out before you even load it into your car, but we know you may be distracted with the actual event planning and not even notice.

If you notice anything later on while setting your games up, it is best to give us a call asap and send a pic of whatever you have found. Or even FaceTime us if you have an iPhone by CALLING US to show us in action, so that we may help you get it working.  It is a rental company after all, and people are rough with our items, so our games are bound to need repairs from time to time.  It is possible we may already know about the issue and have a work around, or perhaps it happened to you while in transit.

Either way, it is definitely best to call us asap rather than wait until you bring it back 3 days later to tell us that you did not even use it.  There is nothing we can do for you at this point, and there will not a refund if you did not allow us to try and resolve the problem for you.

If after helping you over the phone we were not able to fix your problem, we will wherever possible offer to substitute it with something else that is comparable for you, and you can come and make the switch.  In some cases, we may offer you a refund, but that is up to our discretion if we think that you were the one that actually caused the damage, and the game left our showroom in working condition.

Probably won’t ever be an issue, so do not let this worry you, but we put it here just in case!

Which Vehicle do I Need to Fit Games?

Which Vehicle do I Need to Fit Games

Instead of this customer asking us Which Vehicle do I Need to Fit Games, he just showed up in a convertible sports car to pick up a Blackjack Table. Dear Lord! This picture is here to demonstrate: What Not to Do 🙂

Here is the answer: go to the top of the page to the search bar, and type in the game you are renting or are considering to rent. It will take you to its individual product page and there you will see several tabs. You might find one that says, “What Kind of Vehicle do I need for Transport” along with another called “Dimensions” and another called “How Heavy is this”. Those 3 tabs should give you plenty of information so that you show up with the most suitable vehicle. Also be sure to read “How to Prepare for Pick up” so that you know if you need blankets or bungee cords.

Alternatively, once you have paid for your order, you will automatically be emailed a list of products that you just booked. Under each product is a link that will take you right to these links we are describing. So you should be armed with info now and you’ll know Which Vehicle do I Need to Fit Games!

Pick up Times (my Event is on a Mon, Tue, Wed or Thu)

  • You are free to pick up a day before your event or the day of
  • This will be counted as a one day rental and you will not be charged for the extra day
  • In special circumstances, we may require you to come the day of, but this is a very rare occasion
  • You can book your time up to 2 weeks in advance

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